Attendance Line: 703-445-0809



· About 4-6 teachers/classes per grade level K-5th grades

· About 51 total teachers and about 16 total teacher assistants

· About 100 total staff members, including all staff, such as cafeteria hostesses, etc.



· Three Autism Programs

· One Intellectual Disabilities (Severe) Program

· Two Preschool Special Education Programs

· Three Learning Disabilities site-based programs

· English-Learner Program

· Site-based Gifted Education Program that includes START (K-3) and SIGNET (4-5)

· Strings Program (4-5)


Extra Programs & Resources

· VA STAR Computer Refurbishment & Donation Program

· Synergy Gym for Sensory Integration

· Sensory Room

· Sensory Calming Bins in every classroom

· Reading Buddy Program matching up classes 5th/2nd, 4th/1st, and 3rd/K weekly

· Watch DOGS Program bringing in dads and father figures to volunteer and be recognized for the entire day

· Military-connected Family Supports including Student-created Deployment Care Packages, small group and individualized counseling, extra tutoring, etc.

· Student-ran Newsroom and Daily Video Announcements

· Student-led Social Media Team

· Student-created Learning Garden

· Lego Mindstorm and VEX-IQ Robotics Programs

· Augmented Reality Art Gallery

· Good News Call of the Day Shout Outs

· MOU Marine Base Quantico

· Business Partnership with Bubbles Hair Salon for Sensory-Friendly Haircuts in school

· Government Partnership with FBI SWAT for Active Shooter Scenario Trainings in school

· Implemented many behavioral and academic systems of support including PBIS, RTI, MTSS, Responsive Classroom, Kagan Cooperative Learning, etc.


Parent Engagement

· Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

· Principal’s Advisory Council

· Diversity & Equity Committee

· Military-Connected Purple Star Committee

· Special Education Advisory Council

· Watch DOGS Volunteer Program

· In-School Daily Volunteer Opportunities


School Recognition

· Business Partnership Award, Prince William County Schools, 2019

· Virginia Distinguished Purple Star Award, Virginia Board of Education, 2018

· Excellence Award, Virginia Board of Education, 2018, 2016

· Distinguished Achievement Award, Virginia Board of Education, 2017, 2019

· School of Excellence Award, Prince William County Schools, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

· U.S. Secretary of Education, Tour and Parent Panel, 2017


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