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Mrs. Edwards and Mrs. Watt are the reading specialists at Ashland Elementary.  As reading specialists, we support classroom teachers with their literacy instruction by providing resources and helping in the classrooms.  We also provide additional support to students identified as at-risk readers through the RTI model.  The reading support we provide can be an additional reading group or working on skills based on students’ individual needs in the areas of: fluency, phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and comprehension.  We use specific research-based interventions including: My Sidewalks, LLI, and SRA.  Most importantly, our job is to help students become successful readers and develop a love for reading!

Reading News & Notes

*updated 6/12/20

Dear Ashland Students and Families,
We hope that you are staying safe and healthy. You will find various literacy resources and suggestions for you to support your online learning at home throughout the summer. We miss seeing all of our amazing students and hope that they are reading and writing every day. Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions you may have or if you need additional support/resources!

Crystal Watt
Melissa Edwards

2020 Summer Reading Programs

PWCS Summer Reading Program: The PWCS Summer Reading Program encourages students to continue reading through the summer to practice their independent reading skills. Through continued reading, students build their vocabulary, broaden their ideas and experiences, enjoy new stories, and learn. To participate in this free program, students follow the guidelines below for their grade level: grades K–2, five books; grades 3–5, three books; and grades 6–12, two books. Visit the Summer Reading Program page for more information and lists of grade-appropriate books.

Prince William Public Library Summer Reading Program: From June 15-July 15, the Prince William Public Library offers a summer reading program. The age range for the children’s program is from infant through grade 5, and the age range for the teen program is for students in grades 6-12. To participate in this program, you must register online or download the Beanstack Tracker App. There is no charge for this program. Learn more on the Prince William Public Library website.

Literacy Tips for Parents 

View a comprehensive list of digital literacy resources!
You may also wish to view the Parent Resources Tab for additional resources available for you.

Remember to provide your child with opportunities to write:

  • a letter to a friend or family member
  • book reviews or reflections
  • creative writing stories
  • directions of how to do something
  • information about a topic

Prompts to ask your child if they get stuck on a word while reading (you can find a resource listing the beanie baby decoding strategies we use in the parent resources tab to the left):

  • Look at the picture.
  • Get your mouth ready to say the first sound.  (example - /c/ in cat)
  • Stretch out the word. (example - /ca/ /a/ /t/)
  • Look for known chunks in the word. (example - /ch/ and /at/ in chat)
  • Flip the vowel sound. (example - A can say /a/ like apple or /a/ like cake)
  • What word would make sense in this sentence?

After your child reads a book ask him/her questions such as:

  • Who were the characters? What was the setting?
  • What was the conflict/problem? What was the resolution/solution?
  • What was the most important event that happened? Why?
  • Would you be friends with this character? Why/why not?
  • What surprised you in this text?
  • What questions do you have while reading this text?

Literacy Programs and Activities for Families

Many authors and companies currently have various activities and programs that they are offering families for free to help promote literacy. We'll update this list with any new activities that may be of interest to you!

Be sure to read 20 minutes each night!
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