Voting for the 2019-20 VRC has been extended by the VSRA to September 30!
Ashland will be voting in September and the Hall of Fame party will be held then.
5th graders will be voting June 5 and I will try to have a celebration with them when the school reopens.

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Primary Category (gr. K-3)
Elementary Category (gr. 3-5)


June 2018-March 2019

Read 4 or more books in your category.  The only rules for reading are that the books be read by you alone or read to you.   

You can find them at the ALES Library or the public library.


April 2019
  • We will have voting in the library.  Vote for the book that was your favorite and receive a certificate and treat. 
  • Kids across the state will vote along with you on their favorite books and the votes will be counted.   
  • The book with the most votes in each category wins the Virginia Readers’ Choice Award for the year. 
May 2019

The winning VRC book will be announced.


June 2019

There will be a party in the library for those who vote.