Please use the information below to help you in preparing you and your child for online learning this year. There are a few important steps needed, so please read carefully and go slowly to make sure each one is completed. Ask for help if you need it. 


Ashland 2020 Hype Video

Check out a what a day in the life of our kids may look like this year! What an interesting time for our students!


Ashland Webiar - Parent Online Learning Preparation Tutorial

On Thursday, August 3, 2020, Dr. Jacks, Ms. Keskel, and Mr. Hughes hosted a webinar to review the steps needed for students to be ready for online learning to start the year. The webinar was recorded and is below. It includes what exactly parents need to do and is filled with questions and answers from the parents using the chat box feature during the session.  CLICK HERE to see the full PowerPoint presentation above including links to all videos used. 


Helpful Tips:

CLICK HERE  to view the helpful tips sheet below on what to do to be ready for the first day!

Helpful Tips


Setting Up Student Zoom Account:

Still need help setting up your child's Zoom account? CLICK HERE for a detailed step-by-step tip sheet to help you configure their Zoom account work work properly with Canvas. 

Zoom Tip Sheet


Resetting Student Password

If your child's password is not working or you don't know your child's password, you may need to reset it. CLICK HERE to reset parents' or students' passwords. When it asks you for your username, only put in the letters before the "@" sign in your address. 

Logging into School-Issued Laptop:

If you are borrowing a computer from school, there is a specific username and password that is needed to login from home. 

Username:   .\pwcsstudent
Password:   pwc$stud3nt

If you want to use your child's normal login for Canvas using their email address, you can change this to also be your computer login for home. You must go to a PWCS school to login to our network to do this. The easiest way is to go to the Forest Park High School parking lot. They have a wifi hub for the entire parking lot. Login to the computer using your child' email and password that they use for Canvas. This will create a new "profile" on the laptop. Once you do this, then you should be able to also use this login at home later. If you do not login at a PWCS school, then you cannot use your child'd info to login to the computer. You do not need to do this at all. You can continue to use the generic login information above to login to the computers. 


PWCS Helpdesk

The PWCS Helpdesk is available to you for support. Their hours are Monday-Friday, 7:00 am - 4:30 pm. Their phone number is 703.791.8826. You can also email them at CLICK HERE to go to their website with more information to help you reset your child's password, find free hotspots, and get more technical support. 



Each parent can and should have their own ParentVue account so they can see their child's information including report card grades and attendance.  CLICK HERE if you need to set this up, login, or need more information. If you need help with this, email Mrs. Henshaw, Secretary, at HENSHLM@PWCS.EDU and she will assist you. 


School Supply Lists:

Supply lists are posted on our web page for materials parents should purchase but keep at home this year to help with online learning. These supplies are different than what we are providing in the take-home learning bags. If you already have these supplies at home, then you do not need to buy them again. If you have any questions about the supplies, please ask your child's teacher. 

CLICK HERE for 2020-21 Supply Lists.


Online Learning Schedule:

Each grade level will have their own online learning schedule this year to include live instruction every day Tuesday through Friday. CLICK HERE for an example of the different schedules. Your child's teacher will send you a specific and detailed schedule this year. 



Encore Welcome Explanation Video

The Ashland Encore team will be providing recorded sessions for their lessons to students to use each day during their specific encore time. Classroom teachers will help the students know which encore to do each day. During their scheduled encore time, students and/or parents can check in with that scheduled encore teacher for extra support. 



Nearpod Tutorial:

Ashland Counselor Mrs. Leclercq created a video tutorial to help you and your child know how to use Nearpod for instruction. 


Need Help with Translation or Interpretation?

Please contact Mrs. Reyes via email at REYESCX@PWCS.EDU for any help with translation or intepretation services. Mrs. Reyes is also our English Learner Teacher and can help with any concerns about support for students and families with second-languages at home. 


Need to Borrow a Laptop?

We have lent out about 400 HP Stream Laptops for students to use this year. We have a limited supply, but if you need to borrow a laptop for your child, please email Mrs. Longi, Secretary, at LONGIMM@PWCS.EDU to check to see if we have one that you can borrow.  If you need help with internet access, please also contact Mrs. Longi for that support.


PWCS Backpack:

This is a site created by Instructional Technology Coaches in PWCS to help families with online learning. It includes step-by-step tutorials and how-to videos for the apps and programs students will be using.  CLICK HERE to go this site.


Family Support for Food

PWCS Food and Nutrition Services will be providing FREE weekly groceries and meals for the first semester! Locations and information is included on their website. CLICK HERE for more information. Please take advantage of this amazing help!

Food Help



Additional PWCS Resources:

Return to Learn FAQ

Canvas and Zoom