Autism Acceptance Spirt Week
Posted on 04/07/2021
  • Pokemon Monday – Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon is autistic.  He used his unique perspective to create the world of Pokemon.  To celebrate his work, draw a picture of your favorite Pokemon character or create your own and share!
  • Autism Acceptance Tuesday – Love and acceptance go a long way.  Wear an autism shirt to show your support and acceptance of autistic individuals!
  • What is Your Passion Wednesday – One characteristic of autism is to show incredibly focused passion for topics of interest.  What are you passionate about?  Dress up to show something you love!
  • Neurodiversity Thursday – To celebrate the beauty in diverse spectrum of the human mind, wear rainbow and/or tie-dyed clothes to school.
  • Sensory Friendly Friday – Autistic people often have a variety of sensory sensitivities.  Dress up today in your most comfy clothes (including school appropriate PJs), use as much natural light in your classroom as possible instead of fluorescents and/or wear sunglasses.