Together We Soar Higher

Our Motto was created in August of 2010 by the staff leadership team consisting teachers and teacher assistants from each school team. The purpose of the motto is to remind the students, staff, and community that only when they work together can the students learn and grow to become amazing citizens who will do great things in our community and world.


Kind, Creative, Safe, Hard-working, & Fun
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Our Vision was created through a full year of research and voting during the 2014-15 school year. ALL staff (teachers, administration,assistants, office, bus drivers) and parents were asked for input about what qualities our students should have at Ashland. We did this at PTO meetings, Advisory Council meetings, staff meetings, Back to School Nights, New Parent Orientation, and anytime we could during the first half of the year. All of the input was gathered, counted, grouped, and ranked. The top ten qualities then were presented to the 3rd, 4th, and5th grade students during the second half of the year. They voted on what they thought were the most important qualities, which is now what we have in our Vision for our students!


Our school team is now in the process of identifying how already are doing these qualities in our Vision, what needs to be added, and how we will ensure that we keep these in mind while planning instruction and events for our students.