We all made it and now is some time to rest and reflect on the past year.  I hope everyone enjoys their time outside in the sun and a chance to play in the rain.  


Check out the video/links provided to keep your bodies moving and grooving!  Check back at least once a week for new links and content for all to use to keep active and learn more about our bodies and nutrition.

-Get the whole family involved and moving together with this great BINGO game! Feel free to download and print out or use the idea to create your own movements/exercises and bingo cards.

Fitness Matching.pdf
- A game of memory is always a great brain game!  This version also gives you the challenge to move your body when you make a match.  (Another way to play is when you make a match the others playing do that activity.)

- Here's a twist on the great family game of word play.  Have fun doing the movements as you work on your spelling and word making.

Again, enjoy your time with family and make sure to wash those hands, stay safe, and once again keep moving!  Please feel free to contact me via email at duncanja@pwcs.edu at any time.


 Physical Education learning standards:

Kindergarten P.E. Standards.pdf

1st grade.pdf

2nd Grade Standards.pdf

3rd Grade Standards.pdf

4th Grade Standards.pdf

5th Grade Standards.pdf

Welcome Message:
Welcome to the 2018-19 school year Falcon families.  This is my sixth year teaching.  The previous five years were at Holy Family teaching both PE and Technology classes.  I have a bachelor's degree in Exercise Science.  Prior to teaching I was the manager of the local VA Runner.  Working alongside with Mrs. Whyte, we look forward to working with all the students to create a lifelong love of living healthy and being active.

Daily Schedule 
 5th Grade 9:45-10:30
 4th Grade 10:30-11:15
3rd Grade 11:15-12:00
1st Grade 12:45-1:30
Kindergarten 1:30-2:15
2nd Grade 2:15-3:00

Classroom Expectations:
We are all expected to S.O.A.R. all day everyday.  In PE we will soar by following the simple classroom soar rules as follows:
S: Encourage and Cheer each other on.
O: Treat/use all equipment with respect.  Always put equipment away when done.
A: Listen to the speaker and raise your hand when you have something to share.
R: Sportsmanship and keeping hands and feet to self.

Current Lessons:
As always we are working cooperatively together during all activities. We just started a unit on basketball and started to dribble.

Contact Information:
email: duncanja@pwcs.edu Click to Download Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here Click Here