My name is Mrs. Johnson! I am so excited to get to know your children, create positive relationships, and see their growth. It's going to be a great year full of learning! 

April 20, 2020

Hope you all continue to be safe and healthy. I think of you all every day! 

Choice Boards that have been given out up to this point are located at the bottom of the page in the "document container". I have also added a variety of scavenger hunts to the document container. These can replace some of the choices on the choice board, or be in addition. They could be done more than once!! A fun activity to add to your day! There are two pages on our document container now, so if you are looking for the word songs, go to page 2. 

If you have questions about resources, needing additional resources, or just need to talk about behaviors or concerns you may have please send an email or give me a call. I also love to get pictures of your children enjoying life or working hard. 
If you are having a difficult time financially, I can drop off food from a local food pantry or help you get the resources you need. This is a time where we need to stick together and help each other out. I will keep it confidential! 

Mrs. Johnson

March 25, 2020
Good Afternoon! I hope you are staying safe and healthy! I miss you all!

I wanted to encourage you to check out the county's site of optional home learning resources. The site has schedules with links to movement, art, and quiet time activities. It also has optional academic activities that are organized by content area. The home learning site learning links organized by content area as well. There are some great resources and suggestions and the site is very user friendly! Please let me know if you have any questions.

PWCS Home Learning Resources


Kindergarten Pacing Guide and Standards.docx

Current Lesson
Letters/Sounds:  short vowels in the middle
Sight Words:  Sight Word Lists: 1 - 6
Reading:  CVC words and sounding out activities; retelling stories by beginning, middle, and end; discussing the characters, settings, and events.
Writing:  Using a combination of known sight words and phonetically spelled words to write sentences with details that match your pictures
Math:  Count sets, identify, read, select, & write numbers 0 - 20, specifically the teen numbers. Counting to 100 by 1's and 10's.
Science:  Exploring the changes in nature from winter to spring.
Social Studies:  Exploring Maps & Globes.

First Grade 

Here is a list of the Standards of Learning for first grade. The highlighted standards and objectives are ones that we did not get to cover before school closed. As of right now, there will be no instruction on new material (highlighted standards/objectives) and all optional learning opportunities will be review of previously taught standards.

First Grade Standards of Learning.pdf

Second Grade

Here is a list of the Standards of Learning for second grade. The highlighted standards and objectives are ones that we did not get to cover before school closed. As of right now, there will be no instruction on new material (highlighted standards/objectives) and all optional learning opportunities will be review of previously taught standards.

2nd Grade Standards of Learning.pdf

Also please continue to check the resources at the bottom of the page. I have added some links and resources, and I will continue to add more .

Mrs. Johnson

Updated : March 20, 2020 

Good Afternoon,

I would like to first express how much I miss your children. I miss so many things about them and our daily interactions. I know this is difficult for all of us, but we will get through this together.
Here are some resources that you can use. Remember at this point there are not any requirements, these are all resources.

You can Google Ashland Symbaloo and this will bring you to a page that has all the links below. 


  1. Raz-kids - This allows your child to read books, listen to books, and then answer questions about the story. I would encourage you to do 2 stories a day. Help your child go back to the story and find the answers if they need to. You will see familiar stories in this program because the books that I copy, we work on all week, and then I send home are from this program. I emailed you the usernames and passwords.

  2. Bookflix - a site with a great library of digital books and animated stories. 

  3. Brain Pop Jr.  - has many engaging educational videos on a variety of topics. 

  4. Pebblego - has articles on various topics for students to explore in the area of social studies and science. 

  5. ABC mouse, Learning Academy, Reading IQ - please see the document I sent to you through email on how to use these resources 

  6. - You can choose from thousands of books to read to your children or they can read to you.

  7.  Dreambox is another fantastic program for your child to practice his./her math skills. In order to login, you will click the blue link that says “No classroom code? Click here.” Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Mrs. Johnson's Class. Your child will then click his/her name and click their password.

Additional resources at the bottom of this page!



Call me if you have questions about the resources I have sent you, additional resources you are looking for, or if you just need someone to listen.  



Please refer to your emails for more specific information. 
We will make it through this time together!! Email me at if you need anything! 

                                                 Mrs. Johnson

Daily Schedule 
8:50 - 9:15 - unpack, movement time  8:50 - 9:15 - unpack, movement time                                 
9:10 - 10:30  - Language Arts/Language Arts Centers 9:10 - 10:30  - Language Arts/Language Arts Centers          
10:30 - 11:00  Snack/Calendar 10:30 - 11:00  Snack/Calendar 
11:00 - 11:35 -  Language Arts/Social skills 11:00 - 11:35 -  Language Arts/Social skills
11:35 - 12:10 - lunch  11:35 - 12:10 - lunch 
12:10 -  12:40 - recess 12:10 -12:40 - Social Studies/Science
 12:40 -1:15 - Independent
 work/ Listening to books and music/ social skills
12:40 - 1:15 - Math/Independent Work/Social skills 
 1:15 - 2:00 - Math 1:15 - 2:00 - Math 
 2:00 - 2:30 - Phonic instruction - Letterland 2:00 - 2:30 - Math
2:30 - 3:00 -  Social Studies/Science 2:30 - 3:00 - Recess 
3:00 -3:30 - Encore  3:00 -3:30 - Encore



Monday - Art
Tuesday - Music
Wednesday - PE
Thursday - Music
Friday - Library

Classroom Expectations:

S- Supportive (Work together and follow voice levels as directed)
O- Organized ( Be prepared for learning, keep work areas neat )
A- Attentive (Follow rules and routines and expectations, keep laser focus on the speaker)
R- Respectful ( Be kind and include others and celebrate the things that make us unique)

Kindergarten                       1st Grade

Letters sounds Good Citizenship
Working with names Good citizenship                          Using objects to solve addition
Colors                                          and subtraction problems
Numbers 1-5                                Telling and writing stories
                                                    about a personal experience

Please feel free to contact me at anytime!

Kelly Johnson