Fourth grade families, 

I hope you all are finding time to enjoy with your families and are staying healthy. I want you all to know I am thinking of you during this time and can't wait to get back to school and see each every one of you. I am continuously sending updates via email and the Remind app. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns. Below are a few resources you can use while we are out. 

IXL objectives (students have their logins in their agendas); card games (war, using the cards to practice multiplication facts); dice- roll two dice and multiply the numbers together; dice- roll the die 6 times to make a number in the hundred thousands place (do this twice) and either add or subtract the numbers. 

MyON- online reading and the students have their logins 
IXL objectives (students have their logins) 
Scholastic website- has free resources

VA Studies and Science: password is falcons (great review resources with videos and games)

AShland Symbaloo Page
Ashland Symbaloo

IXL link:

Below are documents that include the fourth grade standards for each subject area. I have put a check mark next to the standards that we have already learned this year. 

Reading and Writing.docx
VA Studies.docx

Weekly Learning Boards 
Mrs. Haines' Learning Board 6.8.20.pdf
Mrs. Haines' Learning Board 6.1.20- 4th Grade.pdf
Mrs. Haines' Learning Board 5.25.20-4th Grade.pdf
Mrs. Haines' Learning Board 5.18.20-4th Grade.pdf
Mrs. Haines' Learning Board 5.11.20-4th Grade.pdf
Mrs. Haines' Learning Board 5.4.20.pdf

Mrs. Haines' Learning Board 4.27.20.pdf