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Where we are all Shining Stars

Mrs. Shookster and Mrs. Hessel

  Mrs. Hessel and Mrs. Shookster

Update 6/11/2020
Hello Kindergarten Families-
Thank you for a wonderful school year. Mrs. Hessel and I appreciate all of you support with you little learner during our time of distance learning. We will miss all of you and hope to be able to see each other soon.

Remember to keep reading and writing to practice all of the skills we mastered during kindergarten so you are ready for First Grade.  I am leaving the learning boards up as a reference for you if you want to revisit some of the activities over the summer - especially our hands on science activities.
Have a safe and fun summer.
Mrs. Shookster

Ashland Learning Board 6.8.20 - Kindergarten.pdf
Ashland Learning Board - 6.1.20 - Kindergarten.pdf

Ashland Learning Board - 5.26.20 - Kindergarten (1).pdf
Ashland Learning Board - 5.26.20 - Kindergarten (1).pdf
Ashland Learning Board - 5.18.20 - Kindergarten (3).pdf
Ashland Learning Board - 5.11.20 - Kindergarten (1) good one.pdf
Ashland Learning Board - 5.4.20 - Kindergarten (1).pdf


Ashland Learning Board - 4.27.20 - Kindergarten (1).pptx
Ashland Choice Board 4.20.20 - Kindergarten.pdf

Kindergarten Choice Board April 13th.pdf
Choice Board March 30th.pptx

SOL Information:
Kindergarten SOLS 2019-2020..pdf
We have listed all SOL for Kindergarten. The ones highlighted we have not formally introduced.

Websites we love:


Daily Schedule 
 8:50-9:00 arrival
9:00-11:05   announcements/morning meeting/language arts 
 11:05-11:35 lunch
 11:35-12:05 Writing
12:05-1:00  math
1:00-1:30  Recess
 1:30-2:15  encore 
 2:15-2:30 snack
 2:30-2:50 science/social studies
2:50-3:20  I Play
3:20-3:40  read aloud/pack up

 Encore Schedule
 day 1 guidance/library
 day 2 PE 2
day 3  music
day 4 PE 1
day 5 art

Classroom Expectations:
Students are expected to be kind and always try their best.
Our class agreements are the following-
In Kindergarten we:
*are kind
*sit quiet and listen
*work quiet
*listen to each other
*keep hands to ourselves
*raise our hand to talk

Current Lessons:

Contact Information:
Mrs. Shookster - shookspf@pwcs.edu
school - 703 58308774