VA Star

Virginia Student Training And Refurbishment

Students should understand how the world works around them.
Ashland joined VA STAR so their students could gain computer science and engineering skills as well as understand how powerful giving can be to those in need. Students at Ashland have the opportunity to learn about complex machines and how the internal parts of a computer interact and work together.

Students are more invested when their work is engaging and has a positive impact in their community.
Ashland was excited to flex its STEM muscles and see how well elementary age students could refurbish computers. Being the first elementary school in Virginia to start this program, Ashland has already made great progress with creating an engineering lab. Students learn the steps to disassemble, clean, and reassemble essential components of computers. In addition, they wipe the hard drives, install a new operating system and Microsoft Office, thanks to grants provided through VA STAR.

VA STAR enables students to have a deeper understanding of the technological tools they use every day.
Ashland’s 5th grade gifted education students piloted the program during the fall of 2016. Now, this program has branched out to include all students, no matter their ability or background, in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades. Ashland is projected to refurbish and donate over 100 computers during their first year. Through their Ashland Gives Back program, students will hand deliver these computers to those families that need them in their local community.