Licensure guidelines to follow while schools and offices are closed due to COVID-19. Check back frequently for updates. As new information from the Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) is received, the guidance provided will be posted below:

IMPORTANT NOTICE (Flexibility provision for hands-on CPR due to the impact of COVID-19):  Until January 1, 2021, any individual seeking an initial license or licensure renewal and who has completed all other components of training in emergency first aid, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and the use of automated external defibrillators shall be relieved of the requirement to have hands-on practice of the skills necessary to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation for the purpose of their licensure application (§ 22.1-298.1.D). 

New Information on Praxis Tests at Home – Now Open for Registration
The Educational Testing Service (ETS) has announced that it will provide a home testing solution for certain tests.  The first series of tests offered are those in highest demand across the country. Learn More about ETS Home Tests (Word)

Addresses on all licensure forms must match the address on file with Prince William County Schools. To verify your current address on file or to update your address go to Employee Self Service (ESS) Your login and password for ESS is the same as your PWCS login information. (Note: Paper address change forms are no longer accepted, employees must make all address changes using ESS.)

2020 Renewable License holders who are only renewing a license are now able to send all completed license renewal packets to your licensure specialist as indicated below by scanning the documents and sending via your PWCS email account following these guidelines:

  • 2020 Renewable License Holders should use this time to earn any additional points needed to reach the required 180 points and complete all online training requirements. Detailed information and forms are found on the License Renewal webpage.
  • 2020 Renewable License holders should complete a FirstAid/CPR/AED online training module and include a certificate of completion in the license renewal packet showing evidence of completion of the video training for all three components. Due to Covid 19, hands on CPR practice is not required.
  • Pay all license fees electronically and include a receipt with your licensure packet. Follow instructions for Electronic License Fee Payment
  • A licensure specialist will review the license renewal documents you provide supporting your renewal points and sign/initial completed activities in lieu of having your principal/advisor sign the license renewal form due to the closing of schools when necessary.
  • Sign and date the license renewal form the same date you send your paperwork.
  •  Your PWCS email must include this verbiage:
    "I (insert your name) affirm that my signature on all three pages of this document is my handwritten signature for the purposes of validity, enforceability, and admissibility."

Note: 2020 Renewable license holders who are renewing and who have additional licensure requests (such as adding a degree) requiring official transcripts must mail original documents with official transcripts to the Kelly Leadership Center for processing at this time.

  • 2020 provisional license holders who are ready to apply for a full-renewable 10-year license should follow instructions on the certification webpage.
  • One complete, single licensure packet with supporting documentation for all licensure processes may be mailed directly to the Edward Kelly Leadership Center, PWCS Office of Certification, P.O. Box 389, Manassas, VA 20108
  • At this time, mail cannot be dropped off at the Edward Kelly Leadership Center.
  • Licensure staff will be processing requests on a regular basis as they are received however you should allow for delays due to the limited access to schools and offices.
  • Contact or send your documents to the PWCS Office of Certification via email as follows :

    LAST NAMES  A - L :
    Jennifer Missner

    LAST NAMES  M - Z :
    Brock Relyea

    Beverly Slabaugh
    Administrative Coordinator
    Compliance/Certification Office

  • How to verify your  license renewal packet was received and sent to the VDOE for processing: 
    Due to recent delays, allow two weeks after sending your packet to a licensure specialist, then visit the certification link page. Select the Alpha Roster button and look for your name on the spreadsheet


Congratulations on becoming an educator with PWCS. We trust this will be an opportunity for you to make a difference in our school community by fostering a desire to learn and to show genuine care to the students of our great school division. Your role is important and you should be proud of the profession you have chosen!

As with all great professions of importance, there are licensure requirements associated with your assignment that must be completed. The Code of Virginia requires a Virginia Department of Education issued license in order to be paid with public funds. The Office of Certification is here to guide you through this process. Upon completion, your earned, original License Certificate will be provided for you to proudly display or frame as a reminder of your achievements and future goals.

It is the responsibility of the license holder to maintain a valid license issued by the Virginia Board of Education.

License Number Look Up - Use Employee Self Service (ESS)
Go to My Info/Licenses and Certification to find your VDOE issued license number when needed. Your login and password for ESS is the same as your PWCS login information. 



Virginia Department of Education News and Updates

New Routes to Licensure for adding Special Education if a valid license issued by the Virginia Department of Education is currently held in other endorsement areas. 

Special Educ - General Curriculum Elementary K-6  (add-on)
Special Educ - General Curriculum Middle Grades 6-8 (add-on)
Special Educ - General Curriculum Secondary Grades 6-12 (add-on)

Post-Graduate and Collegiate Professional License holders may add some endorsements by taking the approved Praxis II. Does not apply to Special Education or Elementary Education or for those who hold a technical professional license, vocational evaluator license, pupil personnel services license, school manager license, or division superintendent license.

Interested in Elementary Education? New licensure criteria for an alternative route to licensure available to school divisions if the approved Praxis II for Elementary Education(test code 5001) has been passed for all Praxis II Elementary sub-tests including English (5002), Math (5003), History/Social Studies (5004) and Science (5005).

Use the worksheet to perform a self-analysis of your completed course work:

Elementary Pk-6 Worksheet (Word) 



PRIVACY ACT NOTICE: The application for teacher licensure in Virginia requires that you provide your social security number. Section 22.1-296.4 of the Code of Virginia requires a check of the registry of founded complaints of child abuse and neglect in Virginia and other states. A social security number is required for this search. In addition, Virginia is a member of the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, and uses their clearinghouse to check for licensure revocation, suspension, denial, and reinstatement in other states. Virginia also provides information to the clearinghouse regarding licensure revocation, suspension, denial, and reinstatement in Virginia. The social security number is used for the clearinghouse and was required prior to 1975. The Virginia Department of Education will not release your social security number except in reporting cases of licensure revocation, suspension, denial and reinstatement as noted above. 

Electronic Fee Payment

Become familiar with the license holder responsibility and the administrator's role in the License Renewal process or access the Virginia License Renewal Manual for guidance:

License Renewal
Administrator's Role (PDF)
Renewal Manual (Word)

Obtain the instructions and forms for adding endorsements or degrees to your license:

Adding Endorsements
Adding Degree

Check the "Alpha Roster" for your name to verify licensure requests were processed by the PWCS Office of Certification and sent to the VDOE on your behalf or check the VDOE Query to see the current license status for you or school staff:

Alpha Roster (Excel)
VDOE Query

Learn more about Virginia assessments. If you hold a Collegiate or Post Graduate Professional license, you may add some endorsements to your license by taking and passing the required Praxis II assessment with no additional course work:

Assessments (Word)
Adding Endorsement

Obtain forms and instructions to apply for a Salary Upgrade to BA+15, MA, MA+30 or Doctorate. Salary Upgrades processed twice a year with deadline dates of September 30 and January 31. Locate approved Virginia licensure programs that lead to a salary upgrade and additional endorsements:

Salary Upgrade
Virginia Programs