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Hello Parents and Students!  I want to let you all know that I miss seeing you and spending our days together.  I hope that you are using this time to read a good book, enjoy nature, practice some math skills, help cook dinner and most of all enjoy your families!  I am going to be updating our webpage with information so check back for updates.  As always, if you need anything from me, please never hesitate to email me!  I am here when/if you need me.  I cannot wait until we are back together and spending our days learning new things!


Due to school closures our 4th grade team has begun assigning and uploading assignments for students to work on during this hiatus from school.  As of right now, none of the assignments will be graded and if/when that changes, I will send out an e-mail to parents to let you and our students know.  Below are some useful links for students to explore and where some assignments will be coming from.  

VA Studies notebook-
We encourage students to finish the notes for the rest of the units (9-10) using the study guides found at the end of each of the units. The study guides can also be accessed on In the back of the notebook are the SOL review pages. 

Contact Information:

E-Mail: **students can e-mail me any time with questions or just to tell me what they are thinking, doing, etc.
Twitter: @olesbp **post pictures of your students working and what they are doing at home and make sure to tag me with the picture and add the hashtag #ashlandsoar

Ashland Symbaloo:
You can access Symbaloo to connect with school wide websites.
Ashland Symbaloo

Shout-Out from Guidance:  
Password: Ashland1!

Suggested Summer Reading List from PWC:

 Useful Links:


BeachBody for Kids 

Ideas for Art:

Lunch Doodles with Mo Williams 

Draw with Karl 

Read Alouds: 

How I Survived the Sinking of the Titanic 

Links for Studying: 

Username- Ashland ES

Password- falcons


Username- student
Password: MrOles2019


Username- ashland

Password- falcon


Username: student ID#
Password: student ID#


Class Code- B7JNLH
Password- 1234

*If you need any of the logins please feel free to reach out to me.